About Us  
Good Luck Industries Company Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1984. Since the company started we have been specializing in manufacturing all kinds of quality rubber processing machineries.

Good Luck Industries has long experience in mould manufacturing and rubber moulding technology.On the base of our long experience in rubber industry, We provide exact solution to enhance your productivity.

Our Products are designed to adopt various changes in rubber industries and are successfully giving performance in industries such as Tyre Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Sports, Goods, Printing & many other rubber related industries.

Our Investments : Is Our Technically superior and absolutely dedicated team of technocrats. Coupled with the synergy of proactive managements.

Our Ideas : To offer the market our best efforts in tune with highly sophisticated technical products and services. As global market expects from an International player like us.

The Inspiration : The world class technology we house at goodluck constantly spurs us on the surpass our previous best again and again.
Calender Machine
Compression Moulding Press
Cold Feed Extruder
Dispersion Rubber Keder
Hand Presses
Laboratory Machine
Rubber Bale Cutting Machine
Rubber Extruding Machine
Rubber Mixing Mill
Vaccum Press
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