Calender Machine  

We are offering a precision engineered range of rubber Calender Machines, incorporating the latest technological advancement to obtain uniform coating and thickness in the sheets for better productivity and processing of rubber. Available in a great variance of sizes, our range is provided with rolls in a number of arrangements.

We are offering a range of Rubber Calender Machines (Three Roll & Four Roll ). These machines are widely known for their heavy-duty construction. Durability and sturdy construction have increased their demand in the market. Moreover, these come with provision of self-machining of components.

Our expert team of designing achieves the output by providing support to the customer for the selection of diameter, technical characteristic of the rolls, material, width, can be enhanced by the most modern adjustment systems & automatic control for thickness and profile of the film, by the way of roll-bending, cross-axis, rolls shifting and pre-loading.

Salient Features:

  • Smooth operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Longer working life

*Can be provided with twin screw hopper feed or manual feed.


The machine is chiefly applied to put rubber at the same time on both sides of fabrics (cord fabric, canvas, etc.); to rubberize fabrics; or to make rubber sheets.


Rubber Calendering Machine
Item Roll Size Width of Products Main Power Requirements
1 10"Ø X 30"L 462~610 25 hp
2 12"Ø X 36"L 614~762 40 hp
3 14"Ø X 42"L 767~914 75 hp
4 16"Ø X 48"L 919~1067 100 hp
5 18"Ø X 54"L 1072~1219 125 hp
6 20"Ø X 60"L 1224~1372 150 hp
7 22"Ø X 66"L 1376~1524 175~200 hp
8 24"Ø X 72"L 1529~1676 200~250 hp
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