Compression moulding machine


Molding all kinds of rubber mold press products. It is also used for press and molding thermo-setting plastic, bakelite, resin, etc.


  1. Wide range of machine with variable table size and capacity.
  2. High speed open/close mold, high production efficiency, low mold-locking speed, protect mold.
  3. Excellent seal and long life.
  4. Optional normal valve or proportional valve, matching-advanced oil way, reduce energy consumption. Structure is simple. Big application range, it is easy to be operated.


1. Mould Carriers: Automatic mould lifting arrangement as per mould design by hydraulic cylinder.

2. Mould Ejectors: Automatic cured part ejection, inside or outside the daylight as required by hydraulic cylinders.

3. Core Ejector: Automatic middle core ejection lifter with in the daylight located at the middle of bottom heater plate for ejecting cured parts within the daylight.

4. Multy Station Presses: A common hydraulic and electrical unit to control and operate 2,4,6 or more presses, which saves upto 40% of your equipment cost, space, electricity and labour.

5. Special Purpose Presses: Specially designed presses with suitable mould carrier arrangement, electrical circuit and hydraulic unit. Testing and laboratory purpose machines are also developed with latest available option.


Compression Rubber Molding machine
Type Of Machines 
GLI-CP-75 GLI-CP-100 GLI-CP-150 GLI-CP-200 GLI-CP-250 GLI-CP-300 GLI-CP-350 GLI-CP-400 GLI-CP-500
Platen Size(Inch)*
14 x 14 16 x 16 18 x 18 20 X 20 24 X 24 26 X 26 30 X 30 32 X 32 36 X 36
Motor Hp 
3 hp 5 hp 5 hp 7.5 hp 7.5 hp 10 hp 15 hp 15 hp 20 hp
Daylite Gap (MM)*
500 mm 500 mm 400-500 mm 400-500 mm 400-500 mm 400-500 mm 400-500 mm 400-500 mm 400-500 mm
Ram Ø *
200 250 300 350 400 420 460 500 600
* Size can be as per order
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