Dispersion Rubber Kneader  

These machines are highly demanded and appreciated for their optimum efficiency, easy operation and low noise. Kneader Machines are accessible in varied capacities as per specifications of the customers. Further, these machines find usage in different Rubber industries.

1. This equipment possesses temperature and time control system for easy and accurate operation.

2. Tiltable mixing chamber and mechanical shaft sealing design for easy cleaning and colour changing.

3. Tilting can be mechanical or hydraulic. The mixer discharged by the mixing chamber tilting forward by 140 degree Such a design makes it possible to arrange the upstream and the downstream process steps in a line and facilitates stock color changing and the mixing chamber cleaning.

4. Pressure sealed mixing chamber to assure the productivity is high and the quality is good and stable.

5. This machine is durable and easy for operation and low maintenance, save both time and power.

Salient Features:
Effective mixing through close loop hydro-electric feed back system.
Tilting - hydraulic tilting mechanism
Main rotor drive - hydraulic by way of high torque low speed hydraulic motor.
Feeding hopper - hydraulically operated with auto compensated hydraulic system.
Compact construction - occupying less space. a complete integrated unit. .
Minimum maintenance due to lesser frictional mechanics.
Minimum operational cost due to single power pack motor.
No air compressor required.
Savings on power & maintenance.


Dispersion Rubber Kneader
Model Main Motor Rotor Speeds Chamber Volume Effective Working Capacity Tilting Angle Tilting Motor Air Compressor
4/ 400/ 440 V. SPD PSQ.CASE Required
In Liters
GLI-DK-10 20 HP 25 Liters 10 Liters 130° 2 HP 2 HP
GLI-DK-20 30 HP 40 Liters 20 Liters 130° 2 HP 2 HP
GLI-DK-35 60 HP 75 Liters 35 Liters 130° 3 HP 3 HP
GLI-DK-55 100 HP 125 Liters 55 Liters 130° 3 HP 5HP
GLI-DK-75 125 HP 170 Liters 75 Liters 130° 3 HP 5 HP
GLI-DK-120 200 HP 250 Liters 120 Liters 130° 7.5 HP 5 HP
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