Rubber Bale Cutting Machine  

Rubber bale cutter is used to cut bales of rubber in different sizes. The machines have rollers that ensure the easing of the movement of bales. We have both, semi and fully automatic cutters. These are suitable for the toughest natural and synthetic rubber bales.

The inclined cutters are fed with continuous bales and the cut steel alloy blades them into pre determined size of selected thickness and even are automatically discharged. Our rubber bale cutter is also equipped with conveyor belts for carrying the cut pieces of bales. The benefits of our machines include high precision, better quality cutting and higher productivity besides low maintenance cost. It cuts both natural as well as synthetic rubber bales.

Models of Rubber Bale cutter

1. 30T Horizontal Star blade type of direct feeding size for internal mixers in single.stroke      for bales.

2. 600 x 600 x 600 ( MAX.distorted dimensions). 20T Vertical star blade - 8 pieces / stroke      down stroking or Upstroking type.

3. 15T Vertical cross blade - 4 pieces / stroke down stroking or Upstroking type.

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