Rubber Extruding Machine  

Rubber extruder is mainly used for tire tread, gaskets, tape, and other rubber extrusion, it is energy saving, high and low, good plasitcization and refined quality characteristics such as glue.

Rubber extruder, rubber industry machine and most widely used one of important equipments. It is mainly used in tire tread, gaskets, tape, and other rubber extrusion, it is energy saving, high and low, good plasitcization and refined glue quality characteristic, is the foundation and the application scope, become more efficient new generation generation of rubber processing equipment.

Hot Feed Extruder

Salient Features

SCREW: EN-41. B Nitrated steel scroll having hardness approx. 58-59 RC. Upgraded lead design for maximum, constant output with minimum energy consumption.

BARREL: Seamless barrel housing steel fabricated double jacketed for water cooling or steam heating arrangement as per specific requirements with robust design for heavy extruder loads for trouble free operations.

LINER: 41.B Nitrated steel liner having hardness approx. 58-59 RC.

BEARING: Heavy duty tapper roller thrust bearing provided in both end of barrels to bear up heavy extruder load.

FEED HOPPER: Specially designed under cut at feeder hopper area to ensure regulated material inflow and constant flow at the die face end. (Feed roller on hot feed extruders offered only on request above 60 mm).

DIE HEAD HOLDER: Removable threaded die head holder with hinged/fixed bolts. Clutch type, hinged type or hydraulic/preumatically openable die holders are also offered on request as option.

STAND & BASE: Heavy duty steel fabricated monobloc constructed.

COUPLING: Star type heavy duty coupling or directly coupled to the gearbox shaft with heavy duty 'V' belt transmission from motor to gearbox. As per standard design or requirement.

REDUCTION GEAR: SHEL make special hollowed shaft, thrust bearing fitted on the output shaft, profile grounded/soft series gear reducer units as standard or with saparate bearing housing with extra heavy duty tappered/thrust roller bearing coupled directly to gearbox output shaft as per customers requirement. Other make gear reduces are also used.

Option: Feeding Roller: Standard on all machines above 40 mm, optional on 40 mm.

Drive Options: Variable speed DC/ AC/ drive, direct or reducer type hydraulic drive.

Head locking: Threaded head, hinged mounted, hydraulic or pneumatic operated as required and ordered.

Base frame: Bed plate mounted on rollers for adjustable frames.


  • Rubber profiles, strips and sheets
  • Reinforced and non-reinforced hoses
  • Cable and wire coating
  • Textile machine aprons and roll coverings
  • Tyre and V-belt assembling parts
  • Bicycle and car tubes
  • Fire hoses and fenders
  • Silicon rubber, e.g. for medical application
  • Blanks for compression moulding
  • straining of raw rubber and compounds

Hot Feed Extruder
  Model GLI-HE-40 GLI-HE-55 GLI-HE-63 GLI-HE-75 GLI-HE-100 GLI-HE-115 GLI-HE-150 GLI-HE-200
  Scroll Size  40 mm 45 mm 60 mm 75 mm 90 mm 115 mm 150 mm 200 mm
  L/D ratio 10:01 10:01 12:01 16:01 16:01 16:01 16:01 16:01
  Scroll Speed
48 42 42 42 36 32 42 42
70 70 70 70 70 70 70 70
  Electrical Power Motor
3 hp 5 hp 10 hp 12.5 hp 15 hp 20 hp 60 hp 120 hp
5 hp 7.5 hp 15 hp 20 hp 30 hp 40 hp 100 hp 200 hp
  Approx. Output/ hr.
16 kg / hr 25 kg / hr 65 kg / hr 80 kg / hr 140 kg / hr 180 kg / hr 500 kg / hr 900 kg / hr
25 kg / hr 40 kg / hr 100kg / hr 150 kg / hr 275 kg / hr 300 kg / hr 800 kg / hr 1500 kg / hr
  Heating & Cooling Barrel jacketed in single zone Barrel jacketed in double zone
  Weight of foundation 600 k.g. 750 k.g. 900 k.g. 1200 k.g. 1800 k.g. 2000 k.g. 4000 k.g. 8500 k.g.
  Cooling Water Consum. 5 lpm 10 lpm 13 lpm 20 lpm 40 lpm 50 lpm 75 lpm 150 lpm
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