Vulcanizers are horizontal, circular vessels for curing of rubber articles. These are made in diameters ranging from 800mm to 2400mm and the length 1 meter to 12 meters depending upon the requirement of the users.

Salient Features :

PRESSURE RATING : Uttam Vulcanisers are normally designed and built for a working steam pressure of 5 Kg/cm and are tested hydraulically before despatch for a pressure of 7.5 Kg/cm

DIRECT/INDIRECT HEATING : For direct steam curing single wall vulcanisers are standard supply, however for indirect curing coil-in-chamber type Vulcanisers can be supplied with cyclonic-fan motor for even temp. in vessel.

Heating method: Steam heating, electric heating, oil heating.

TYPES OF DOOR : Either swing-bolt type doors with mono-rail type retracting mechanism, sealed against leakage by asbestos ropes or quick-lock type design as shown in picture.

TEMPERATURE INDICATION : Temperature indicator shall be provided.

FORCED AIR CIRCULATION : For hot air curing, forced air circulation fans can be attached on rear side of the vessel to ensure even temperature at all points in the Vulcaniser. These fans are with special water cooled seals.

STANDARD ACCESSORIES : Standard Vulcanisers are supplied with blank flanges for steam, inside batch trolly, bridge-stand, safety valves, Guages etc.

Structural features:

Open the door autoclave for the pressure vessel. Cans sealed with silicone inflatable door seals or pressure self-tight rubber seal. Mechanical gear lock the door can open, reasonable structure, easy operation, good sealing performance, the tank temperature uniform, secure attachment is complete (equipped with safety interlocks).

Opening  method:

Direct operating handle implementation of the Open the door to open and close.

Electric: Operation control button to control the gear motor and turbine vortex rod to implement Open the door to open and close.

Pneumatic: Operation control button to control the telescopic cylinder automatic implementation of Open the door opened and closed.

Hydraulic: Operation control button to control the telescopic hydraulic cylinder of the implementation of Open the door open and close automatically.

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